Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I will be teaching a new course in the Fall of 2009 entitled: Creating a Web Presence for Yourself or Your Business.

The goal of the course is to convey the core concepts that everyone should know in order to create a website for themselves or their business. My goal isn't to teach web page design--there are already plenty of courses being taught on that subject. My goal is to go several steps back and cover some of the key prerequisites that need to be understood before you even get to the actual web pages--mainly the all important steps to understanding, choosing and registering a DNS Name (domain name).

I also want to talk about the differences between DNS Record hosting and Web Site hosting--two related BUT at the same time very different services . If you don't understand the importance and the difference between Web and DNS hosting then you are NOT going to understand the costs involved.

The mission of my company, DON BERRY, LLC, is to help all types of organizations bring their storytelling ideas from concept to deliverable through offering creative guidance and mentoring in all aspects of planning, designing, and creating video productions and Web-based video using a hands-on, get it done approach.

Visit me at www.donberry.net